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The clouds rumbled as they balled up into the middle of the sky, a storm quickly brewing. It set off a humming within me as everyone froze in place and turned to watch. The clouds changed from the dark of storm clouds into the bright cheery, puffy clouds that always signaled the end of a storm. Then, in the middle of the clouds, a figure formed out of them, appearing to us all. While it was a surprise, it wasn’t frightening.

It was Jesus with His arms open, inviting anyone and everyone to join him. He warned of a period of trials that was coming, saying He would take those proven faithful with Him when he returned after that time of trials was done.

Many stepped forward eagerly. As they took the first steps, they would start to float up into the clouds towards Jesus as He would accept them in. It was clear they were coming from all parts of the world.

Many stood still, neither running away nor accepting this free gift.

I stood in doubt.

Would He accept me? Was I good enough? Was I Christian enough?

Did I need to go through the trials? To prove to God I was worthy? To prove to me that I was worthy? Would I fail? The trials scared me. I knew what Revelation said of the end times.

What of my family? My husband and daughter weren’t with me. Would they stay or go? Would they miss me too much if I went? Would I miss them too much if I stayed without them? What about my son? Should I send him on with someone else?

I ran to get him from inside. Jesus didn’t say how long He would wait, but the air seemed to buzz like time was not to be wasted, His offer was urgent.

I came back out with my son…but Jesus was gone. People were already lamenting, why had they not moved sooner? Others were wanting to send their children on, to protect them. But it was too late.

Then the clouds shifted, a figure appeared, but it was different. Looking more like a toothless, powerless, and deceiving sorcerer, completely different than the loving and compassionate Jesus from before, he forced life-taking promises from those desperate to escape the trials.

A few went with him, and lost everything. Some were innocent children, with promises from their parents sealing their way. Dread filled me as they were captured into the Pit, deceived by desperation and fear.

Jesus appeared briefly by my side, placing his hand on my shoulder, telling me, “there is still hope for them.” Then I knew in my heart, He had the power to save the innocent from the Pit, and He wasn’t done yet. There was still work to be done, a schedule to be kept.


Okay, so the above is a dream I had the other night. It’s not Biblically accurate, but it is heart accurate. In church, my pastor has started a series called “Revolution”. He’s been talking about how we should live as being part of a revolution, to be radically following Jesus. To be sold out to just Him.

Jesus didn’t live a tame life, He upset many social norms and turned Biblical/spiritual thinking back to where its focus should be. He turned the world upside down for many.

And yet, many of us Christians (even me) live lives of mediocrity, caught in the day to day, our focus straying from Him, our anticipation focused on the next holiday, the next new beginning, and the next conclusion of that now old beginning.

To start (or ignite) a revolution, we need a cause or kingdom to fight for (God and His Kingdom), a leader (Jesus), a revolutionary power (the Holy Spirit), and a revolutionary people who are “sold out on the cause”. (Notes from sermon number 1)

So, in other words, God provides the first three. We only need to be “sold out”. In fact, we need only be willing to be “sold out” and God can help us with that one too! He meets us more than halfway….and yet, we struggle.

“Sold out”–willing to take those first few steps with no hesitation or thought about whether we should or shouldn’t go or what others might feel or think. Going with Jesus above all else.

God’s mission is revolutionary because it’s a mission of restoration, participation, and anticipation. (Notes from sermon number 2)

God restores me, invites me to participate in helping others’ restoration, and helps me to anticipate for Him and His return. Not just merely anticipating the next weekend, but to be focused on Jesus returning on the clouds. To live, really live, each moment with the end in mind; to make each moment count for Him.

So why do we live in mediocrity, just “getting by”? Why do we continue to feel unworthy, undeserving, doubtful, and fearful?

God is big enough to do it all, as long as I’m willing. He restores me. He makes me worthy. He can take the doubt and the fear. He can give the anticipation.

His arms are still open, still waiting. His invitation is in the air.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28 NASB)

Why wait any longer?


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